Brett Stevens

President and CEO, Stevens General Contractors

Brett Stevens currently serves as president of Stevens General Contractors, a Salt Lake City-based general contractor that focuses on custom home remodeling and construction. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Utah, Brett took control of Stevens General Contractors and has grown it into what it is today. Under his leadership, it has become one of the premier remodeling contractors in the Salt Lake and Park City areas.

Stevens General Contractors has a program in which it completes an international humanitarian project every second year. With a partnership between suppliers, subcontractors and nonprofit groups, Stevens General Contractors has completed work on an orphanage in Haiti, a trade school in the mountains of Guatemala, a school in the bush of Kenya and most recently, a children’s library in the plains of Peru.

When he’s not fulfilling his duties as president of Stevens General Contractors, Stevens is holding up the other end of his life motto: work hard, play hard.