Jessica Ericksen

Metrology Technician, Janicki Industries

Jessica Ericksen is a young Metrology Technician at Janicki Industries in Layton, Utah. She excels at process improvement and programming, and works with complicated projects. Jessica is known for her efficiency and attention to detail in the projects she works on. She enters work each day with a smile because she absolutely loves her career choice. Jessica currently studies mechanical engineering at Weber State University and Utah State University with an emphasis in aerospace. She began her career while a young high school student by entering the Utah Aerospace Pathway Program where she had the opportunity to work at Janicki Industries through their internship program. She has an array of knowledge in several areas including metrology, composite materials, coding, and CAD modeling.

Her opinion of the space industry and what’s possible in the future? “We’ve come to the point with technology where we can reach past the stars, and that’s where I’ll be.”