Susan Petersen

CEO and Founder, Freshly Picked

In 2009 Susan Petersen designed and sewed her first pair of baby moccasins for her son. Excited to share a soft-sole shoe that stayed put on her baby’s foot, Susan posted some moccs for sale on her blog and Etsy shop. Fast forward xxx thousand moccasins later, and Freshly Picked is now a leading baby lifestyle company, with over 6K percent revenue growth over the past three years. Freshly Picked has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Business, and on adorable babies at the park the world over. In 2015, Freshly Picked became the first woman-owned company to be named the fastest growing company in Utah Valley. Freshly Picked’s community of over 1 million social media followers love celebrating the shared experiences of parenthood with the brand. From the first step, to the next step, Freshly Picked aims to be there for every step.