Todd Gardiner

Owner, Taqueria 27

Todd Gardiner is a well-seasoned executive chef whose culinary skills are well known to Utahan’s. Having cooked with some of the city’s finest, he has directed the kitchens of Z-Tejas, Snowbird’s Aerie and worked alongside nationally acclaimed chefs at both Log Haven and The New Yorker over the past 30 years. He is committed to the concept of creating interesting, approachable food made with great ingredients. He and his wife/business partner Kristin Gardiner opened Taqueria 27 on Foothill drive in September of 2012. They have since opened three more locations (with a fifth location on the way) and a centralized kitchen. They continue to have lofty aspirations in bringing great, fresh food made with quality ingredients to the Utah market with either more locations or different concepts.